Vinod Devasia pmjf.

A member of the Mangalore Tulunadu Lions Club since 2016, Vinod Devasia has held many offices within the association, including club president, club Secretary, District Coordinator of IT, eMagazine, and the District Coordinator for the International President’s program.

Vinod devasia installed as president

Vinod Devasia pmjf, been installed as president of Lions Club Pandeshwar

Best IT District Award

Vinod Devasia pmjf, receiving the Prime, Best IT support award from PDG Harish


His major service activity includes raising 8 Lakhs of Food and essentials during the Coorg Disaster and delivering it in person to the region during the year 2018‐19. Many of his online videos awareness on various topics including traffic awareness, and drug awareness received more than 200,000 views in the year 2018-19.

Vinod devasia feliciated at achievers day

Vinod Devasia pmjf, been felicitated by PID Krishna reddy during achievers day

Feliciation at cauvery clubs 25 yrs celebrations

Vinod Devasia pmjf, receiving felicitation by PDG Golmes during LC Cauvery 25 yrs celebrations


In recognition of his service to the association, Vinod Devasia has received numerous awards, including the International Appreciation Certificate, and four consecutive District Prime awards in the last four years, which include Lions IT Wizard, and Best Support DG, and Best magazine editor. He also has received Twice the Best IT Coordinator in the Multiples. Also, he received the Golden Supreme award, Secretary excellence, and the 6th Best Club President award. He won the Kindness matter award for innovation and creative service projects in 2019-20. He is also a Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow.

Vinod devasia at the new voice symposium

Vinod Devasia at the new voices symposium

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